Economic Resilience: Business & Non-Profit Organization Survey

Dec 22, 2020

How does a community become resilient and weather the economic storms? What needs should be addressed to ensure the economic recovery and resilience of our community? How can you help? The community of Maple Creek is participating in a grass roots action planning session. Meant to develop an action-oriented plan to implement during 2021.
The first step is pre-assessment surveys. There are two surveys for our community, one for the elected officials and another for our businesses and non-profit organizations.
We ask that the survey be completed by January 8th, 2021. No questions are mandatory, just answer what applies to your business or organization. The information collected from the survey will give a starting point for developing the action plan.
The second step is planning sessions with businesses and non-profit organizations (in the morning) and elected officials (in the afternoon). The planning sessions are scheduled to take place the week of January 25th, 2021.
We are inviting businesses and non-profit organizations to participate in the morning planning session.
If you would like an invitation to attend, please send an email to or call the Economic Development Office at 306-662-5031 to reserve your spot. Due to COVID restrictions, an in-person session will be limited to 30 participants. Depending on the level of interest and the COVID restrictions, the sessions may move to a virtual session.