Maple Creek
Maple Creek

Lagoon Project 2020

Updates for the ongoing Lagoon Project will be regularly added to this page in addition to the official Town of Maple Creek Facebook page,

The Lagoon Project is equally funded by the Government of Canada and the Government of Saskatchewan New Building Canada Fund and The Town of Maple Creek. The Project involves the reclamation of a portion of the existing lagoon footprint for the construction of two (2) new SAGR cells, supply and installation of aeration to the existing lagoon cells and new SAGR cells, including air distribution header and lateral piping and appurtenances, as well as the supply and installation of a prefabricated blower and dosing building c/w all associated equipment.  The Project will also include the construction of building foundation, control manhole structures, lagoon berms constructed with a compacted clay liner, all temporary isolation and bypass pumping, raising of existing overflow culverts, outfall structure and all associated piping and appurtenances.

Mayor Michelle McKenzie and Town Councillor Ellaine Hawrylak standing with the newly erected Lagoon Project Sign.

August 18, 2020: First update on the Wastewater Treatment System Upgrades from Rahim Ahmad, Project Engineer:

  • Contractor laydown area and haul road installed;
  • Cell 1 desludging pad for Geotubes prepared;
  • Cell 3 temporary isolation berm installed and Cell 3 dewatered;
  • Blower Building foundation excavated, formed, and poured, the Contractor is preparing to backfill around the foundation;
  • Lagoon aeration piping and anchor fabrication commenced on site;