Economic Development

Economic Resilience

How does a community become resilient and weather the economic storms? What needs should be addressed to ensure the economic recovery and resilience of our community? How can you help? The community of Maple Creek is participating in a grass roots action planning session. Meant to develop an action-oriented plan to implement during 2021.
The first step is pre-assessment surveys. There were two surveys completed by our community, one for the elected officials and another for our businesses and non-profit organizations. This step was completed in early January. 
The second step is planning sessions with businesses and non-profit organizations and elected officials . The planning sessions took place on January 28th, 2021.
The third step involves a compiling of the data from the planning sessions and the feedback received from the survey. 
On March 15th, 2021 the resulting action plan was the focus of discussion of the Town, the RM, Nekaneet First Nation and stakeholders from the business community. A first draft of the Action Plan was discussed. The Inter-Community Action Plan will soon be presented to the partners. It is currently under discussion with all the partners involved and a working group will be established with terms of reference to guide the plan.  Stay tuned to further details.  


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