Boulevard Tree Program

Our green canopy is one of our community's most beautiful assets. The green canopy provides our community with shelter from the wind and heat, as well as improves air quality.

Are you a property owner in the Town of Maple Creek? Do you have two trees on your boulevard? No? Then you qualify for the Boulevard Tree Program!


In 2021, the Town of Maple Creek in collaboration with Kelli Dee Floral, will have 10 trees available this year.

Before registering for a tree(s), please read below to learn about the types of trees available and decide which will be the best fit for you and your property:

Silver Cloud Maple

Mature Size: 60' x 30'

Fall Foliage: Yellow

Crown Shape: Upright Oval

Fast growing, durable shade tree



Brandon Elm

Mature Size: 15m x 10m

Fall Foliage: Gold

Crown Shape: Vase Shaped

Dark Green serrated leaves. Tolerates wet and dry conditions.



Foothills Green Ash

Mature Size: 15m x 8m

Fall Foliage: Yellow

Crown Shape: Oval

Prairie hardy selection developed near Calgary. Resistant to sun scald.


Schubert Chokecherry

Mature Size: 25' x 16'

Crown Shape: Oval to round

Flowers: White

Green leaves turn to purple. White flowers turn to tiny black cherries.




To register for the Boulevard Tree Program, please contact the Town Office at (306) 662-2244.

Please be prepared to give your name, address, and phone number.